Central African Republic

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Escort Kaga Bandoro,

Annex 5.

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Escort Nola,

I don't rush.

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Escort Bangui,

Prevalence of rape and client-initiated gender-based violence among female sex workers: Kampala, Uganda,

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Escort Boda,

To address comments or complaints, please Contact us.

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Escort Bangassou,

We are assisting people who have sheltered in the hospital, the catholic mission is helping those who are in the church, but those who are now in the mosque are completely cut off.

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Escort Bambari,

They said their role is to stop fighters from using their weapons but, with the UPC still armed and capable of serious violence, they accept this can be hard to enforce.

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Escort Mbaiki,

The investigators concluded these people were an easy mark as they were less able to run for their lives.

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